Youser safety and privacy,
for a new age

That’s what we’re all about

As virtual worlds and our physical realities collide, a new paradigm emerges… and with it, a whole new set of challenges. We exist to empower people with simple solutions for their increasingly complex digital security & online privacy needs

We’re building a safer world with peace of mind, and a sense of security for all

At PureSquare, we understand that security and privacy needs come in many different shapes & sizes. Our products, and our commitment to building relationships through service, help you find the tools you need to stay protected and private.

Our values

Success = (fail fast & learn)

Success is the result of insightful failings. We move fast, execute fast, learn fast and keep squaring to be 1% better every day.

When I can’t, we can

DIY works well to take something from an idea to an expression. Teamwork helps manifest that into a reality.

Stay humble, do good

Always be humble, do good and look out for others. Respect, trust and kindness light the way.

Be human, design for humans

We design for humans, not robots. Empathy, warmth and clarity guide our decisions. User-focused, always.

Great questions lead to great answers

Curiosity guides the way in taking us forward in our mission and we aren’t afraid of asking questions.

Customer obsession

We talk to our customers like we talk to our trusted friends, and we’re focused on delivering for both with passion and determination.

Our mission

Create simple solutions for complex digital security & online privacy needs

Jargon-free protection that turns complex scenarios into simpler choices is what drives us to deliver reliably for our Yousers.

Our promise


Putting the power back in your hands

Trust, transparency and empowerment guide us as we help others protect themselves online. We win by placing the power of protection and privacy back with the people… as an accessible and convenient choice, for all.


Covering all the bases for
a work-life world

Our 6500+ servers in over 71 countries offer super fast connections to power you through work and home life, or both at once. Offering the highest-grade AES 256-bit encryption to 3 million+ customers and counting, we’re a highly trusted service around the world.

our story

This is the story of our evolution


Our journey began when three young graduates came together with the dream of reclaiming the internet for all.

  • PureVPN is launched


Being the only bootstrapped VPN brand in this business, we had to start from scratch. Among many small feats in our first few years, our biggest was going global.

  • PureVPN expands from two to 16 global servers

2009 – 2010

While our server footprint expanded all over the world, we also released apps and add-ons.

  • Universal apps for Windows and Mac released
  • Dedicated IP launched as add-on

2011 – 2012

Focusing on offering better user experience, we released apps for Android and iOS so that users can stay connected from anywhere and on any device.

  • Android and iOS apps released
  • 24/7 customer service support launched

2013 -2014

PureVPN’s user-base rose to more than 200,000. With this advancement and with the ever-evolving nature of technology, our apps needed advanced tweaking and some new features. The result was the introduction of new add-ons and features.

  • PureVPN crosses 200,000 users
  • PureVPN grows to 100-member team
  • OpenVPN protocol launched
  • NAT firewall introduced 
  • Internet Kill Switch added to list of features
  • Crypto accepted as payable currency

2015 – 2016

PureVPN reached over one million VPN users in less than 10 years. Despite the growing numbers, we were listening intently to our users and added some in-demand features.

  • Over one million users choose PureVPN
  • Ad Blocker, Secure DNS, and Malware Protection introduced

2017 – 2018

The years PureVPN truly rose to distinction by launching our popular Chrome and Firefox proxy extensions. As our team grew, we became among the first few in the industry to comply with GDPR policies and introduce crypto as a payment method.

  • Chrome and Firefox proxy extensions launched 
  • Becomes first premium VPN service to comply with GDPR policies 
  • PureVPN’s team expands to 200 members
  • Crypto accepted as payable currency

2019 – 2020

Adding dedicated product teams to our roster, we ensured that users could connect to our VPN network in less than five seconds.

  • You can now connect to PureVPN in 5 seconds
  • IP bug bounty program launched

2020 – 2021

To keep up with the high standards we set for ourselves over the years, we continued our series of wins. This included joining hands with i2Coalition to support the VPN Trust Initiative. More significantly, we moved our headquarters to a region with strong data protection legislation.

  • PureVPN relocates HQ to the British Virgin Islands
  • PureVPN becomes the only VPN service with no-log certification
  • PureVPN joins hands with the i2Coalition to support the VPN Trust Initiative
  • Servers upgraded to 20Gbps


This year was monumental for us. We became the first commercial VPN with quantum-resistant capabilities. This year also saw the induction of our WireGuard protocol, and several popular apps. As our team continues to grow, we are redefining and expanding our vision with a rebrand effort that saw the introduction of new add-ons. 

  • PureVPN undergoes major rebrand
  • Password manager PureKeep, online privacy tool PurePrivacy and cloud encryption application PureEncrypt is launched
  • Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys launched in collaboration with Quantinuum
  • Amazon Fire Stick apps, Android TV apps, Huawei app launched
  • WireGuard protocol launched
  • PureVPN grows to 300-strong team


Kicking off the new year with the introduction of PureSquare, the brainchild of passionate cybersecurity minds working towards creating holistic security and privacy solutions.

  • PureSquare goes live


This year marked a significant step forward in our dedication to user privacy. We became ISO 27001 certified, reflecting our commitment to the industry’s leading standard for data protection.