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  • PureSquare officially launched on February 7, 2023
  • The name ‘PureSquare’ represents the company’s commitment to adapting to new threats by promptly updating our layers of protection to ensure the highest level of security. The name symbolizes our goal of continuously providing the latest and greatest protections.
  • PureSquare functions as an all-in-one solution for digital security and online privacy needs. 
  • PureSquare is the brainchild of passionate cybersecurity minds looking to build digital security and online privacy solutions that go beyond just VPNs. 
  • PureSquare is a parent company to PureVPN, PureKeep, PurePrivacy, PureEncrypt, PureDome, and PureWL.
  • PureVPN has been in the VPN industry for more than 15 years, making it one of the most reliable and feature-rich services available.
  • PureSquare has served over 3 million customers through PureVPN’s 16-year history.

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PureSquare Expands the Use-Case of Cybersecurity Tools

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