We’ve all heard stories of startups and companies starting in a basement. This is where our journey started too.

A little over 15 years ago, a handful of us came together to work on a passion project. Fresh out of college and driven to keep up with the fast evolving digital landscape, we had a singular vision – secure access for all. This passion project is what you know today as PureVPN.

We stood at the dawn of the digital revolution and witnessed the digital world slowly crawling its way onto becoming a more restrictive and invasive space. We saw the power of the people move from the streets to the digital space. Security and privacy became more complex – a multi-layered and multi-dimensional challenge for all.

Technology evolved, as did user needs for security and privacy. A lot changed for us too. We relocated to the British Virgin Islands and deployed an always-on no-log audit by independent auditors to focus on user privacy. But today, we’re hitting reset.

We understood that these digital security and online privacy needs are now expanding beyond VPNs, into new layers of digital realities. Now for every new threat, we have introduced a new layer of protection.  Ultimately, our customers have ironclad digital safety, covered with multiple coats of security and privacy boosting armaments.

We introduced a new look, and our family of products has also grown. From a safe perimeter, we have built you an ecosystem of security and privacy. A digital world with an impenetrable atmosphere, where you can be the best version of your true self.

We bring to you Pure², a parent company to PureVPN and its subsidiaries, as we inch closer to a future promised by rapidly advancing technology.

At PureSquare, we realize that there is no silver bullet to designing solutions for digital security and online privacy.

In a post-pandemic world, with our work and personal lives increasingly blending, new vulnerabilities are being created every day and therefore a squaring approach is essential for us to consistently keep adding layers of protection against threats which impact our personal and professional safety. At its heart, PureSquare is a solution to make digital security and online privacy simpler to use and more accessible for yousers across a range of devices.

We’ve seen the industry grow from a few small VPNs to one where a major chunk of the industry is now controlled by a handful of groups. We’re proud to be one of the last few independent flag bearers of digital freedom.

It has taken us time to get here but we’ve finally arrived. And we’re proud to be standing on the frontlines of the battle for digital freedom – for you to be you online.